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Construction and installation works

The concept of construction and installation works includes a large list of actions carried out at the facility from the initial stage to the commissioning of the facility.

Construction works mean the process of building a structure from scratch, without the use of existing or partially dismantled elements. In this case, even the direct production of structural elements at the facility is possible.

Construction work includes:

  • Earthworks - excavation, preparation of the foundation for the construction of foundations, digging pits, leveling and compacting the site, creating trenches for laying engineering communications.
  • Concrete work - foundation construction, pile construction, pouring floors, flights of stairs, balconies.
  • Stone works - laying of walls and partitions made of stone, brick, concrete and foam blocks.
  • Plastering works - surface treatment of finished erected walls and ceilings with the application of plasters and fillers.
  • Roofing - erection of a truss system with lathing and covering with roofing materials.
  • Loading and unloading operations - activities related to the unloading of building material and loading construction debris

Unlike construction, installation work is carried out with ready-made structures, which are mounted in one way or another to the elements of a construction object.

In particular, installation works include:

  • installation of equipment on prepared foundations, bases, its fastening;
  • coupler of cabinets, units between each other to provide additional rigidity;
  • laying of power and secondary, control cables;
  • termination and connection of cables;
  • installation of barriers, screens, insulation elements required by the project.