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Commissioning works (CW) are the final stage of almost all activities related to the installation, connection, adjustment and commissioning of any equipment. Commissioning of electrical equipment is carried out by experienced specialists from electrical installation personnel who have the appropriate permits and approvals; upon completion of commissioning, the objects are transferred to the customer.

In the course of commissioning and complex testing of equipment, the following is achieved:

  • setting electrical parameters
  • bringing the characteristics of electrical equipment in line with those laid down in the design
  • the readiness of electrical equipment for continuous operation in normal mode is checked.

Any electrical equipment is specific and each object needs an individual approach, however, all commissioning can be divided into four stages.

1. Preparatory stage. Comprehensive check of all elements of electrical equipment for compliance with documentation.

2. Test launches. Individual components and blocks of equipment are checked after installation is completed (elements of protection, automation, control, etc.), cable lines are checked for resistance to temporary overloads. The results of the checks are recorded with the transfer of protocols to the customer.

3. Introductory stage. Entering into operational mode. Phased testing of individual sections of the system responsible for protection, control, control, blocking, transfer to backup power, alarm is carried out. Control and emergency automation equipment is being adjusted to operating modes. At the end of the stage, the equipment is considered put into operation. Protocols for setting up electrical equipment, together with working diagrams, are transferred to the customer.

4. Comprehensive testing. At the final stage, the operation of all electrical equipment systems is checked in the prescribed modes of operation in the range from an unloaded state to maximum power. The interaction and correct joint operation of all nodes and circuits is checked. Comprehensive testing completes the commissioning.