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Design and survey work

Design and survey work is carried out to develop the documentation necessary for the further production of construction, installation and commissioning operations.

Engineering surveys are carried out on the basis of information obtained as part of the pre-project survey. Their task is a comprehensive objects study, its engineering infrastructure, identification of potentially hazardous factors and processes.

For example, when conducting engineering surveys when designing an auxiliary power supply system located on the second floor of a building, insufficient design strength of the stairs and floors of the building for transporting and placing heavy batteries can be identified. This factor can become decisive in further design.

Engineering surveys include:

measurement and survey surveys

  • geological surveys;
  • geodetic surveys;
  • engineering survey;
  • environmental surveys.

Based on the results of engineering surveys, design documentation is being developed.

Project documentation is a set of text and graphic materials that define functional, architectural, technological, engineering and design solutions.

When designing, the following tasks are solved:

  • assessment of the compliance of the characteristics of the object with the terms of reference,
  • assessment of the compliance of the chosen solution with the provisions and requirements of regulatory technical documents established by law;
  • coordinating the joint operation of the facility's equipment with adjacent engineering systems;
  • drawing up a package of working documentation for the organization and implementation of installation and construction works;
  • development of estimates necessary to allocate funds for the implementation of the project