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Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations


RiMtechenergo company offers a line of electric charging stations for electric vehicles and electric buses:


slow charging:AC 7/22 kW (Type 2)

slow charging:AC 2x22 kW (Type 2)

fast charging:DC 50kW (CCS, CHAdeMO)

fast charging:DC 150kW (CCS, GB/T, CHAdeMO)

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Detailed description


The proposed line is a completely Russian development. In addition to the actual charging stations, a software package is also offered that allows remote monitoring, data collection from each charging station, analysis of its performance, early diagnosis of possible malfunctions, etc.

The line includes:

1. Compact wall-mounted charger with a power of 7kW (220V) or 22kW (380V).

Has one outlet for Type2 cable. Can be supplied with mounting stand/

2. Charging station for slow charging floor placement 22kW. Complete with Type 2 connector.

3. Charging station for simultaneous slow charging of two electric vehicles 2x22kW. Has 2 outlets for Type 2 cables.

4. DC 50KW fast charging station. Has 2 fast charging cables for CCS2 and CHAdeMO protocols. As additional options, it can be equipped with video surveillance systems, an intercom, etc.

5. 150kW DC fast charging charging station. Has 3 alternative cables (GB/T, CCS2, CHAdeMO), dynamic power balancing system for simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles.

Since the converter part is made according to the modular principle, it can be produced with a power of 100 kW in the same housing.