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Energy storage systems based on lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors

Energy storage systems based on lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors


The energy storage system (EESS) is designed to accumulate, store energy and return it to the network or load in order to maintain the functioning of the power system, increase its efficiency and ensure the required quality of electricity.

Depending on the features of the object, operating conditions, EESS can be made in various versions - cabinet, container, modular.

The range of RiMtechenergo company includes systems with a capacity of 15 to 2500 kVA. Large system power is achieved by parallel operation of the modules.

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EESS, depending on the settings and active modes, can provide:

  • Autonomous operation for local load (Line-interactive UPS mode);
  • parallel operation with generation sources as part of autonomous power systems and power centers, with local generation and/or renewable energy sources;
  • parallel operation with the network for local load as a source of additional power during peak hours;
  • reception of electricity from the network to charge the accumulation subsystem;
  • power output to the network or load with the discharge of the accumulation subsystem;
  • parallel operation with local generatio, reduction of the required power of the “rotating reserve”, giving a signal to turn on and off local generation;
  • smoothing of power consumption peaks, compensation of active and reactive power;
  • flexible setting of power supply/reception modes from the network (allowed periods for charging/discharging storage elements, network allowable power thresholds) to implement additional features – tariff arbitrage, work with priority load, work as part of a microgeneration unit, etc.

EESS versions:

  • The “U” execution system is made in a protected insulated metal shell with overall dimensions of a 20ft HC shipping container with a service door.
  • The "K" execution system is a combination of several modules in metal shells, working as a single system. This version is used for systems of high power and energy intensity;
  • System of execution "C" is designed for placement in a heated electrical or industrial premises. The EESS equipment is placed in one-sided service cabinets.