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Hybrid Power Plant with Renewable Generation for Remote Sites

Hybrid Power Plant with Renewable Generation for Remote Sites


A hybrid power generating plant is a solution for power supply of facilities located at a distance from the unified power system. Such loads may require different power - from 5 to thousands of kVA, have a different profile (a residential village, an industrial facility, a lonely traffic light or a barrier).

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Depending on the technical and economic features of the project, the installation may include various generation facilities - diesel, solar, wind, hydro generators, an energy storage system, a control system for a complex of equipment.

For small loads (up to 15 kW), the installation can be made in a complete shell, which makes it easy to transport it between different objects. For heavy loads, the system is designed, mounted permanently. When it is created, the features of the terrain and the possibilities of renewable energy sources in a given area are taken into account as much as possible.

The main tasks in the design of the installation are:

1. Ensuring the power supply of the facility with the specified parameters of power, quality, reliability. Experience suggests that already at this stage it is advisable to lay a power reserve of 1.3 - 1.5. There are examples when settlements equipped with such installations showed a dynamic increase in load (feeling an improvement in the conditions of power supply, residents purchased new equipment, introduced new consumers. In general, this indicates an improvement in the quality of life - the achievement of one of the main goals of any engineer).

2. Maximum saving of non-renewable resources - diesel fuel, gas, etc. The scenarios for the operation of the power facility are compiled in such a way as to ensure optimal loading of diesel and gas units and the highest efficiency in the operation of renewable sources.

3. Easy to control the operation of the installation, maintenance. In most cases, the installation of a power plant is relevant for remote hard-to-reach areas. Under these operating conditions, it is extremely important to have a stable remote monitoring channel, a developed remote diagnostics system and a safety margin that allows, even in the event of failure of individual units, the plant as a whole to operate and perform its functions for the period necessary for the arrival of a repair team.